Younited Wealth Youniversity


Financial Literacy For Entrepreneurs 

The Younited Wealth Youniversity

…is an education platform to help entrepreneurs to not only protect their income but to also help them educate their family to secure generational wealth. Our training and courses includes…
Business Credit
Personal Credit
Pay Yourself First
Investing For the Future
Trust Accounts and how to protect your family
Taxes the IRS Don’t Want You to Understand
and so much more!

Here are some of the courses and training modules
that are part of Yes Everyone Eats system

The Problem With Doing It Yourself...

It will take you time to learn how to protect your family.
It will be frustrating if you miss out on tax right offs that you were not aware of. 
You could lose $1000’s or more if you don’t update yourself on the latest tax codes.

Here's The Solution...

You’ll make more money that if you were to guess how to make your money work for you
You’ll save time because figuring out which tax code or trust accounts.
How to build Long Term Cash Flow Through Infinite Banking
Business Entity Setup and Paying Less Taxes as Possible