Affiliate Marketing Service 1 (Ambassador)


Every time you sell one of our AMS#1 you can be helping 1 to over 1000 people in need.

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Affiliate Marketing Service 1 (AMS#1)

All this for a one time purchase of  $220

~ Start today by having Yes Everyone Eats give out 4 Essentials Care Packages as part of your purchase.

~ Receive an Automated Marketing Package “Done For you” Starting with $40 in leads paid for by the company. Value? The company gets the marketing started for you.

~ *Receive an Automatic Upgrade unlimited times to the next services (AMS#2) paid for by a portion of the company profits

~ **Receive an Automatic Repurchase of our affiliate marketing service #1 unlimited times for confirmed purchases under your affiliate link Value $220.00 Number of purchases will vary and are not subject to refunds or put towards another product.




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