Yes Everyone Eats

My Guiding Philosophy

Hi, my name is Peter and it’s time to tell you my story. It came to a point in my life when I had to make a change on how I would make extra money.

Over time I joined 40+ companies over the years to see how they operated and more importantly how many people actually made money. My frustrations mounted up quickly with companies closing or scamming people out of money and promising something that was unobtainable for the majority, even though the people at the top made 6 figure incomes, I wanted to find out how the 98% could make more than $1000 a month consistently.

Yes, it takes time and applying what you’re taught however, I couldn’t find one company that did it all. So push comes to shove I decided to start my own business that did exactly what I couldn’t find in other programs.

Here I am many years later with a company that actually helps, Veterans, the Homeless, Seniors, Children, and Animals in need. I first establish a financial map to become self-reliant and see then help the 98% succeed with me.

What is "YES" Yes Everyone Eats?

Yes Everyone Eats is a proven marketing & technology business, that helps individuals identify and achieve [they’re] personal & [financial] goals while helping them develop a passive stream of income by participating in a community and giving back to other like-minded entrepreneurs. 

This structure is revolutionary because it leverages personal ambition to increase profit for each individual and then the company, while also propelling individuals to greater personal achievements in life by encouraging and benefiting from their individual talents, and ambitions, in their specific areas of inspiration.

Yes Everyone Eats operates under the guiding philosophy that as each of our sub-companies achieves growth and success, and thus each of our affiliated associates increases their personal financial independence, Yes Everyone Eats as a whole is strengthened, improved, and rendered better able to distribute wealth and invest in people to every level of our community, from business owners to people in need.

Central to the guiding philosophy of Yes Everyone Eats is the principle of Self-Sufficiency: by working collaboratively to support the development and advancement of individual entrepreneurs with proactive business enterprises, Yes Everyone Eats strives to propel our affiliates and clients toward improved self-reliance and ultimately to complete financial self-sufficiency and sustainable wealth. The genius of Yes Everyone Eats consists in the truth that as we work together to strengthen each other and the company, we simultaneously increase our personal autonomy and individual self-determination. Our company’s success is measured in terms of our cohesive progress as well as by our individual victories.

With the predicted massive economic growth and expanding the influence of Yes Everyone Eats continuing outreach into local communities, the company’s opportunities for positive impact on our local communities and on the world at large will be astounding. By upending popular business start-up philosophies of the past (such as multi-level marketing and franchise opportunities), YES is on the cutting edge of a massive change in the way business is done to achieve personal success for individuals while simultaneously adding value to the business entity as a whole.

Our Technical Advantage (Why It Works)

In summary, Yes Everyone Eats (YES) has devised a groundbreaking system that offers entrepreneurial opportunities requiring a comparatively small commitment of time and a minimal amount of initial capital for marketing; the system advances while minimizing financial risk to entrepreneurs via strategic diversification.

Our world-class affiliate system provides support to establish and build up you as a successful Entrepreneur.