Yes Everyone Eats


What is the Goal for Yes Everyone Eats and The Yes Card Program?
Our first goal is to help people and animals in need. The second goal is to help everyone who wants to become Self-Reliant through our Yes Card Program

How does the Yes Card Program work? 
It’s really simple. Your goal is to earn as many “Real” gift cards sent to you from the company by sharing a referral link.
You can also earn commissions, and products. Each time you make a sale you will feed a person or animal in need when one of your immediate referrals purchases our yes card service.

How much money can I earn?
That is a great question. Legally we can’t tell you how much you will earn since everyone puts different amounts of effort and time into the program. Our goal is to help you become self-reliant whatever that means to you. It could be $500 a month extra or $5000 a month. You determine what your goal is and do all that you can to make that happen.

What do I have to do? 
Start by signing up with the referral link that was given to you. Then go through our back office and follow the instructions on how to share this program with people. Don’t forget to let us do the talking and selling for you!

When do I get paid? 
We currently pay each week. We want to make sure that you have enough funds to withdraw. The minimum commission is $10 to withdraw. We pay through ACH at this time.

Are the gift cards virtual or physical cards? 
Most of the cards are virtual unless the local businesses are not on our network. If the local restaurant is still physical we will send the cards to your address minus postage and handling

If I come in for free can I earn more than 50% commissions? 
Yes of course. We want to take all barriers away from people making this work. When you come in for free and share your link to let’s say 3 people and they join at the $60 product. You will make 3 sales commissions of $10 each. The company will complement your effort, and upgrade you to the full membership at 100% commission and you can earn unlimited gift cards from here on out.

How do I receive my gift cards? 
Select what gift cards you want to redeem and the company will send you the virtual cards through email or text message. If the gift cards are physical they will come in the mail. Just like commissions, gift cards can be redeemed once a week.

How do I get my commission?
Commissions will be paid out each week via ACH deposit.

You want to focus more time on family and loved ones.
Your journey to self-reliance can’t be pushed off till tomorrow.
You’re financially stretched thin.
You need to start earning extra income immediately.

Is this a Charity
No! We are not a charity. Yes Everyone Eats is a promotion firm run by multiple companies to be the most effective in this space.

Where do I start?
Everyone is a customer! Anyone can purchase our products that go directly to the people in need. However, some customers choose to be an affiliate.

Is there a cost to becoming an Affiliate?
No! There is no cost to join for either a customer or an affiliate. There are no monthly or yearly dues. However, each person can purchase one of our marketing packages to help people in need!

Can I purchase as many products as I want?
Yes! Our company thrives on product purchases that directly help Veterans, the Homeless, Seniors, Children, and Animals in need.

Why does a company want to pay affiliates?
It comes down to expenses and marketing. What better way to build your brand or company name than to have other people in the 1000’s do the marketing for you. Advertising is becoming more expensive and the restrictions of what and how you can advertise, however, when you can offer an incentive to your affiliates you are now able to reach out to more people that they may have not been able to reach before.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make There are many other companies that provide what we call Affiliate Commissions. They use their business platform like driving or food delivery companies that offer a money-making referral program that you can join. Basically If you get people to sign up for the company’s product, you can get paid anywhere from $100 to $ the amount is determined by the affiliate not the company..


Do I earn commission from customer sales?
No, they are customers who purchase products that we give out to the people in need.

Do customers earn commissions?
Customers who purchase the essential cares packages are not commissionable.  See affiliate sales for an opportunity to earn commissions

What training Is there be an effective affiliate?
Yes! we have free training and education in our back office to help you along the way. Plus we have multiple ways to advertise which we will share with you.

How do I get paid as an affiliate?
Each affiliate that sells one of our marketing packages earns a commission of up to 50%. We pay through ACH or Check.