Are you only earning
$100 to $150 a day
delivering food
but you would like
to earn more?

How Can Drivers Earn Extra Money?

We have drivers that have signed up for FREE and placed a window decal on their back window and continue to drive their normal route.
While the driver is driving, people who pass by will look at the message on the back that says something like this.
Make Money From Home
Text YES to
as they follow the prompts they will get a message 
about the subject.
While you the driver, never have to talk to anyone.

What’s in it for you?  
When you become a “Yes Affiliate” for free.
You can earn up to $50 per sale. 

What’s In it For The Company?
The company is about developing opportunities to help entrepreneurs, not have to rely on
only one income rather be Self Reliant.
We also want to empower people
who would like to focus on what they’re passionate about
and turn that into a business to create extra income.

Why Are We Doing This?

With every sale that we make.from your window decal, we provide a meal or care packages to one of the following. Veterans, the Homeless, Seniors, Children, and Animals in need.

We call this a WIN, WIN, WIN!!!
It’s up to you to take the first step!

Why Become An Affiliate?
Earn extra money to focus on what you’re passionate about!
Earn While You’re Driving!
You can earn extra income while you are driving since our platform does most of the work for you!
East to get started
Sign up Today and Get invited
to Pick Up Your Decal From Our Local
Auto Decal Dealer

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